Welcome to AAAAE

AAAAE is an Institution formed to recognise the Industry, by a team of well accomplished Consultants, Advisors and Student recruiters to collectively act as Student friendly service providers working for smooth transition of eligible and qualified students to Universities in USA. Any student willing to pursue higher Education in the USA can approach our member agency for guidance about options that is best for them. Our members work together to establish quality standards for international student recruitment to the United States.We work in the best interest of Students as well as the enrolling Universities through dedicated quality service.

About Us

Formed in October 2019, the AAAAE members provide accurate and realistic counselling to prospective students with their endeavours to go the US as their destination for Higher studies. We offer our assistance starting from the selection of interested course at a fully Accredited University and guide each student through the various processes of applying for courses, needed funds, visa processing procedures and post admission formalities in the US.
Students approaching our members are first led through advising sessions with comprehensive Instructions and Information on finding and applying for courses at US Universities. Additional information such as Visa application processes, accommodation , travel , Pre-Departure orientation etc for proper decision making is done involving the parents and students together.

Our core Objectives

  • To coordinate the services of all Advisors involved in promoting American education.
  • To promote the good reputation of members throughout India and abroad and to foster free exchange of ideas and cooperation between members.
  • To conduct seminars in order to present information to the Government and to the general public on the benefits of American education and the procedures involved with it.
  • To provide guidance on American education to all tiers of Government, statutory authorities and organizations involved in promoting American institutions and to support or oppose bills or other legislation affecting the interests of the industry and its members.
  • To realistically represent US Universities in India reaching out to the student population in India.
  • To enhance cross-cultural understanding by providing a platform for discussion to all organizations involved in the industry.
  • To promote American education by means of conferences, exhibitions, seminars etc.
  • To establish, promote and maintain standards for the conduct of members and to ensure that the services provided by members are of the highest standard and in accordance with the Code of Ethics of AAAAE.
  • To promote and strengthen business cooperation for members by encouraging student referrals within members.
  • To represent the grievances and support every member of the Association.
  • To institute yearly awards to felicitate best performing members and their offices.
  • To educate and inform the general public at large, of the US education system and its relevance in the Global Education scenario.

Office Bearers

Our Office bearers are Leaders in the Professional International student recruitment, having networks spread across the Globe. They are capable of inviting Global University representatives towards AAAAE and to further create wider circles of experts working jointly towards effective methods of student recruitment to US.


Why Join AAAAE

  • Earn National Level recognition by the Industry.
  • Learn and interact with Experts who are into recruiting, enrolling, and retaining international students for nearly two to four decades.
  • Get invited to Annual Conferences, Webinars, Trainings and Workshops for networking and exchange of info on student recruitment scenario,
  • Exhibit representing University at Conferences & Education Fairs,
  • Be updated with regular news in support of Recruitment policies and practices.
  • Contribute to standards of development and review agencies undergoing certification thereby support Industry Quality Standards for agencies recruiting to the U.S,
  • Be one among the Leaders to advance International student recruitment for American Higher education.
  • Quality check and Annual validation to help in continuous self-improvement.
  • Use the help of the Association for amicable settlement of grievances or conflicts.


  • mbership is only open to companies registered in India or holding Indian Government authorisation to operate in India.
  • The New members would be required to show 2 years work history with record. Also show details of recruitment of minimum number of 25 students before requesting Membership.
  • In case of Private Ltd. Company the applicant has to submit Certificate of Incorporation. Memorandum of the Association disclosing the list of Promoters/Directors along with their photographs.
  • Payment of Membership registration fee of Rs.20,000 to be made.

Membership Procedure

  • bmission of Application with documents supporting eligibility including but not limited to Valid Agency Agreement, Letter of intent, Company Profile, completed application form, due diligence report, third party references , the self-evaluation report and the external review report.
  • Review by the Admission Committee checking clarification regarding years in Business, scope, Ownership and contact Information and recommend it to the Executive Committee for consideration.
  • Confirmation & Approval of Member addition on basis of eligibility criteria being adhered to and Membership fee payment.
  • Issuance of Membership Certificate.
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Code Of Ethics

  • We will manifest the highest level of integrity in all our professional undertakings, dealing with others honestly and fairly, abiding by our commitments, and always acting in a manner that merits the trust and confidence others have placed in us.
  • We will Outline and follow the principles and expectations of fair and ethical conduct of US education Advisors/Consultants.
  • We will follow all applicable laws and regulations and carefully and reflectively advise students and scholars regarding those laws and regulations. We will seek out appropriate guidance and advice when regulations appear contradictory, ambiguous, or confusing or when a situation is beyond our role or competency.
  • We will foster best practice among education advisors to assist them to provide quality services to potential and existing international students and partner providers.
  • In planning, developing, and implementing our programs we will strive to ensure that they are accessible to all qualified individuals, doing our utmost to guarantee that international education is available to all who desire it and can benefit from it.
  • We will undertake our work with the highest levels of competence and professionalism, regularly seeking and acquiring the training and knowledge necessary to do so. Our commitment to professional competence will extend to exercising thorough oversight of external programs and placements. Through careful planning and the development and implementation of appropriate policies, we will do our utmost to ensure the safety, security, and success of students.
  • Transparency in dealing with Individuals & Organizations by informing true facts with regards to Courses, participations and benefits will be considered important. By doing so, minimising the conflicts of interest to all involved will be ensured.
  • We will maintain open and readily accessible communication with individuals in our programs and services and with our institutional partners. This includes providing students with the appropriate level of support based on age, experience, language ability, and placement.
  • Maintain Confidentiality by respecting and preserving the confidentiality of personal information acquired and not releasing such information to third parties without proper authority.
  • Holding these principles constantly in mind, we will work to extend and improve international education in all its forms and at all levels, including advocating for programs, policies, regulations, and laws that reflect these principles. Additionally, we will work aggressively for the realization of these principles in our personal and professional conduct, throughout our institutions, and in organizations with which we affiliate.

Advertisement Norms

  • The advertising rules are formulated after consultation with Global bodies in order to regulate advertisement activities , promote the American education business and protect the legitimate rights of prospective students, advisors and institutions, and to enable advertisements to play a positive role in marketing Global education and Institutions.
  • All advertisements should not contain any false or misleading information and shall not mislead any students. All the members should follow principles of fairness, honesty and credibility.
  • All advertisements should be true to the facts, lawful and in compliance with both general Indian laws and Global immigration laws and the respective National Code.
  • An advertisement shall not involve using the names and logos of any Government organizations / departments or any of their functionaries without their clear permission for the same.
  • To also not use claims such as "Official (countries name) Education Fair", "(Countries name) Government" etc in their education fairs and promotions.
  • Using the words which guarantees jobs, working, employment in any country and any references to permanent residence regulations should be made only in accordance with that Country`s Governments Immigration Regulations which allows reference to the website.
  • Should not guarantee approval of visa or use words such as "Guaranteed on successful Visa"
  • Should not offer discounts in fee and other incentives like gifts, free air tickets, money backs and free accommodation.
  • Members may not engage in unfair competition of any form in their advertising activity.
  • Prior permission for advertisements should be obtained from each of the respective institutions before they advertise those institutions or use their logos.
  • It is recommended to use AAAAE logos in all members' advertisements and promotional articles to promote AAAAE.